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All I want for christmas is better design skills

After reading Nik Molnar’s post on the developer’s arcade I thought it was a time to pull out the ones that were relevant to me as a designer/front end developer. Here are three good games to get you practicing some essential design skills and one to improve your css.

Remote design collaboration

About a year ago I damaged my shoulder and needed surgery on it. Unfortunately that meant that I couldn’t get into the office, a 50 mile drive away. It was at this point that I started working remotely and ever since I have worked at least 2 days out of the office.

In this post I look at a particular success story on one of the best ways I have found to collaborate on design projects when not all the team are in the same place.

"I definitely need a hair cut. My hair is growing bigger by the day and my transformation into Rick Astley is looming ever closer!"

A little about me

this is me

Hi, I’m Pete and I’m currently a UX Designer working for Modern Human. I specialise in visual and interaction design whilst also being able to hand code prototypes in html, css and javascript. Blogging about design and collaboration with the odd post about baking and my general life!

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